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As the presidential election looms, college students seem more focused on domestic matters related to the economy than foreign policy.

Any issue, including Israel-Gaza, could impact 2024 election

According to a recent Generation Lab poll aimed at understanding the issues college students are most focused on, health care reform, education funding, economic fairness, racial justice, civil rights, climate change and gun control are at the top of their lists. The conflict in the Middle East ranks last among their top concerns, trailing behind immigration…

Due to stubborn inflation, higher interest rates look more likely over the next few years instead of rate cuts this year.

Why interest rates will be higher for longer

At the start of 2024, the outlook for the U.S. economy was optimistic. Inflation was falling, unemployment was shrinking and the country was experiencing strong GDP growth. As 2024 progressed, that situation changed. Inflation proved stubborn, remaining above 3%, and economic output slowed down, making the Federal Reserve’s initial prediction for six rate cuts no…

If the low birth rate continues, eventually the U.S. economy could see a decline similar to the Germans and Koreans.

How to handle plunging US birth rate before it’s too late

The latest CDC report on the U.S. birth rate reveals a decline in fertility rates, with 2023 seeing just 1.62 births per woman, marking the lowest level since data collection began in the 1930s. Births in the U.S. decreased for over a decade prior to the onset of COVID-19, and then experienced a 4% drop…

Putin pledges to fight for however long it takes, but is that a realistic pledge for a hamstrung Russian economy and a demoralized Russia?

Putin’s promise of a long war might be hollow threat

With the United States Congress finally passing another major defensive aid package and France now threatening to send its own armed forces in to defend Ukraine, Russian President Vladimir Putin is promising his people that Russia is prepared to fight a long, protracted war for however long it takes. But how realistic is that promise?…

President Biden sparked controversy after calling Japan 'xenophobic' when it came to immigration. He lumped them alongside Russia, India and China in his critique.

Biden’s ‘xenophobic’ comments about Japan spark backlash at home, overseas

President Joe Biden’s comments on Wednesday, May 1, are drawing criticism after lumping Japan with China and Russia, calling the group “xenophobic.” Speaking at a campaign fundraiser marking Asian American, Native Hawaiian and Pacific Islander Heritage Month, Biden credited the United States’ economic strength to immigrants, using these countries as contrast. In his comments, President…

A new poll reveals that 4/10 Americans view China as an enemy. The numbers are the highest the survey has seen in five years.

New poll: 4 in 10 Americans view China as enemy, highest in five years

About 4 in 10 Americans now label China as an enemy, marking the highest level in five years, according to new research. A Pew Research Center survey published on Wednesday, May 1, revealed the significant shift in Americans’ attitude toward China. Additionally, only 6% of poll respondents said they consider China a partner. These findings…

Gen Z Americans cover capitalism, socialism, meritocracy and equality in this wide-ranging debate on U.S. economics, values and society.

Gen Z debates capitalism vs. socialism, meritocracy vs. equality

Capitalism and socialism offer two different economic models, each with their own unique pros and cons. And while it is rare to find any modern economy that is either entirely capitalist or entirely socialist, citizens frequently use these terms to represent the general direction in which they believe the economy and society should progress. Similarly,…

Instead of tanks or APCs, a parade in North Korea showcased tractors and launchers concealed in civilian-looking vehicles.

North Korea parades dump truck missile launchers

Most modern militaries distinguish between military and civilian equipment, but not North Korea. Video from a recent parade honoring North Korean leader Kim Jong Un reveals an unconventional display. Instead of tanks or armored carriers, tractors pulled rocket launchers and launchers discreetly concealed within vehicles designed to resemble civilian trucks. Matt Shoemaker, a retired intelligence…

New federal data reveals that U.S. birth rates were the lowest since the 1930s. The numbers suggest a possible cultural shift in society.

Fertility rate for US women in 2023 hits lowest level in a century: CDC

Women in the United States are giving birth at record-low rates, according to federal data released on Thursday, April 25. The report, conducted by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention and the National Center for Health Statistics, found that the total fertility rate fell to 1.62 births per woman in 2023, marking the lowest…

Ryan LLC, a global tax services provider, has filed a lawsuit against a new Federal Trade Commission rule that prohibits noncompete agreements nationwide. The firm argues the rule oversteps the FTC's regulatory authority and threatens businesses' ability to protect their intellectual property and retain top talent.

Businesses sue over FTC ban on noncompetes

Ryan LLC, a global tax services provider, filed a lawsuit against a new Federal Trade Commission (FTC) rule that prohibits noncompete agreements nationwide. The firm argues the rule oversteps the FTC’s regulatory authority. Ryan LLC alleged the rule threatens businesses’ ability to protect their intellectual property and retain top talent. The lawsuit contends that eliminating…

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