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Dems doing well in AZ

A better night for Democrats than predicted in Arizona

Florida Governor Ron DeSantis' big win by nearly 20 points might indicate tough times for Donald Trump in a potential 2024 showdown.

Trump’s endorsements beginning to hurt GOP candidates

Allan Fung is in a close race against his Democratic opponent

Republican Allan Fung in tight race in Rhode Island

Exit polls have reveal 36% Republican turnout, Democrat turnout at 33% and independents at 31%. All agree that democracy is being threatened.

Exit polls reveal 36% Republican turnout, 33% Democrat

Governor Ron DeSantis has won the governor's race against Charlie Crist and Marco Rubio has beaten out Val Demings for Senate.

Big wins for Republicans in Florida

With the first polls closed in the 2022 midterm elections, Republicans have an opportunity to capture most seats since the 1920s.

244 House Republicans is possible, highest number since 1920s