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Five U.S. presidents have contributed to building America's border wall and nonetheless, illegal migrant crossings continue to climb.

How the last five presidents played a part in building America’s border wall

The state of Texas has become home to 54 Fortune 500 companies, more than any other state in the United States of America.

Why are Fortune 500 companies obsessed with Texas?

At least seven states and two cities already have some form of salary transparency law on the books, and New York City will join that group Nov. 1.

Millennials, Gen Z leverage social media to push salary transparency to forefront 

Experts are now sounding the alarm about a potential gas, diesel and jet fuel shortage this summer in the United States.

‘End of the oil age’: Expert warns of summer fuel shortage

Amazon Apple Starbucks Union

Amazon, Apple, Starbucks battling labor union resurgence

If the Supreme Court overturns Roe v. Wade, it would return the issue of abortion to the states, and many states have already made up their minds.

13 states have ‘trigger laws’ ready to ban abortions if Roe v. Wade overturned

As the immigration debate continues, the fate of Title 42 could determine which Senate Democrats win their 2022 midterm races.

Senate Democrats fear ending Title 42 ahead of midterm elections

More than a dozen states currently utilize a digital or mobile driver's license, including Arizona, Colorado, Delaware, Georgia, Oklahoma, and Louisiana.

Time to ditch your wallet? Digital licenses and state IDs take off

In the wake of Russian attacks on Bucha, gruesome images of bodies strewn on city streets surfaced, and the president of Ukraine called it genocide.In the wake of Russian attacks on Bucha, gruesome images of bodies strewn on city streets surfaced, and the president of Ukraine called it genocide.

Did Russian forces carry out genocide in Bucha, Ukraine?

‘Foolhardy plan’: Trump, Manchin critical of Biden admin ending Title 42 

Because fentanyl requires such small amounts to be deadly, Members of Congress have an uphill battle stopping its flow into the country.

Congress faces uphill battle to stop flow of fentanyl, deadliest drug on the streets

A 2016 tax change, known as a victory tax, offers more money for some Olympians but taxes prize money for higher earners.

Taxpayers first, Olympians second: A look at victory taxes

We see it every Olympics: athletes that live in one nation, but compete for another. Rule 41 allows them to make the swap.

Is nation swapping the fastest growing Olympic sport?

While third party candidates are allowed in the American political system, the election process makes it nearly impossible for one to succeed.

Welcome, but not: Third party candidates face uphill battles in US politics

Russian officials are denying U.S. allegations that it is preparing a "false flag" operation to invade Ukraine as Russian troops gather near the Ukraine border.

How would Russia use a false flag operation as pretext to invade Ukraine?

Dark room, grey hoodie, million dollar ransoms. You know the type...or do you? Here are the three types hackers behind cyber attacks.

The good, the bad and the ugly: Understanding hackers after a year of cyber attacks

China appears increasingly prepared to take military action, even as President Xi Jinping resists the idea of another cold war.

TRANSBAIKAL TERRITORY, RUSSIA SEPTEMBER 13, 2018: Chinese Type 96 (ZTZ-96) tank during a parade of military hardware and aviation involved in the main stage of the Vostok 2018 military exercise held jointly by the Russian Armed Forces and the Chinese People's Liberation Army at the Tsugol range. Vadim Savitsky/Russian Defence Ministry Press Office/TASS (Photo by Vadim SavitskyTASS via Getty Images)

China says it’s not looking for war. Its military indicates otherwise.

As the Supreme Court turns to its shadow docket more frequently, there is bipartisan support for it to become more transparent.

Mystery veils the Supreme Court’s ‘shadow docket’

"Republican In Name Only," or RINO, is making a resurgence, as former President Trump has been using the term to insult opponents within his party.

Trump bringing back RINO attacks against Republicans

After George Floyd's murder, protesters nationwide called on governments to defund police and divert resources to social programs supporting citizens' mental health.

After calls to defund police, governments find new answers for mental health crises

Despite controlling the White House and both chambers of Congress, the Democratic Party's divide is keeping it from passing President Biden's agenda.

Democratic divide stalling Biden’s agenda, raising primary prospects

Parent-led protests have led to a spike in threats of violence against school board members, according to the Department of Justice.

School board battles: When does free speech become too threatening?

More than two decades since the Sept. 11, 2001 terror attacks, the alleged mastermind and four Al-Qaeda conspirators still await the formal start of any trial.

20 years later: Why 9/11 terror suspects still await trial

guns marijuana mexico

Guns and marijuana: Is the U.S. a danger to Mexico?