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Biden at State of the Union: “The answer is not to defund the police”

Mar 02, 2022


One of the many subjects tackled in President Joe Biden’s State of the Union address was the concept of “defunding the police.” President Biden addressed the subject while talking about his trip to New York in the days after two New York Police Department officers were laid to rest.

“Let’s not abandon our streets or choose between safety and equal justice. Let’s come together and protect our communities, restore trust, and hold law enforcement accountable,” Biden said Tuesday night. “We should all agree the answer is not to defund the police… with the resources and training… they need to protect our communities.”

Biden’s comments sparked responses from both sides of the aisle on social media.

“Joe Biden just said the answer isn’t to defund the police, it’s to fund the police,” Conservative personality Clay Travis tweeted. “But his party spent the past two years arguing to defund the police. Welcome to the party, pal.”

While some in his party have, Biden has never supported “defund the police” himself. Some of those Democrats, including Rep. Cori Bush (D-MO), blasted Biden for his Tuesday night comments.

“With all due respect, Mr. President. You didn’t mention saving Black lives once in this speech,” Rep. Bush tweeted. “All our country has done is given more funding to police. The result? 2021 set a record for fatal police shootings.”