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Hassan wins New Hampshire Senate race, beats Buldoc

Nov 08, 2022


New Hampshire Democratic Sen. Maggie Hassan has secured a second term after winning a neck-and-neck race against retired Gen. Don Buldoc, R. This win is a key hold for Democrats who are trying to expand their razor thin majority in the upper chamber. 

Hassan made abortion rights a key issue in her campaign, saying Buldoc was running an extreme, anti-choice campaign. She also accused him of being willing to vote for a national abortion ban.

“He said he would vote for any anti-choice legislation in the U.S. Senate and that he would never compromise,” Hassan said at a press conference in September.

Buldoc softened his stance on abortion after he won the GOP primary. He said he would oppose a national abortion ban, and after the Dobbs ruling believed the decision should be left to the states.

“I believe the federal government should stay out of it,” Bolduc said, according to New Hampshire Public Radio. “The federal government has its hands in too many things. Let the states deal with it.”

Buldoc focused his campaign on the economy and border security. He said Congress should reduce government spending, and keep Title 42 in place to deal with the influx in immigrants.

Hassan said she is laser-focused on lowering costs by improving supply chains and investing in American manufacturing. She touted the INTERDICT and Stop Act as two bills she supported to address illegal fentanyl coming over the southern border.

Hassan is a lawyer, and former state senator and governor of New Hampshire. Hassan said she secured a nine-fold increase in funding for New Hampshire to help address substance abuse.

Buldoc spent 33 years in the Army and was deployed to Afghanistan during the global war on terror. He served on the Joint Staff in the Office of the Secretary of Defense and was aide to the Secretary of the Army, a position that required briefing the Joint Chiefs of Staff and president.

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