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Russia attacks military repair facility in Lviv, residential buildings in Kyiv

Mar 18, 2022


WARSAW, Poland — Russia continued targeting major cities in Ukraine, focusing its latest attacks on the capital city of Kyiv and western Ukrainian city of Lviv. Neighborhoods in Kyiv were shelled Friday morning, with Russia targeting residential buildings and a school.

“Windows are blown out and they are not suitable for living any more,” Kyiv Mayor Vitaly Klitschko said Friday. “Four children have been injured, one person has been killed and 19 have been hospitalized.”

The apparent targeting of residential buildings and a school further highlights some officials’ claims that Russia is committing war crimes in its invasion of Ukraine. President Joe Biden joined that group of officials earlier this week. On Thursday, Secretary of State Antony Blinken said American officials were evaluating potential war crimes. United Nations Undersecretary-General Rosemary DiCarlo has also called for an investigation into civilian casualties.

“One more fact is; the war [is] against civilians,” Klitschko said Friday. “I don’t see military people here. It’s no military base. It’s just apartments. Apartments for civilians.”

In Lviv, Russian air strikes hit a military aircraft repair facility near the city’s international airport on the outskirts of town. The strikes marked the closest attacks to the center of Lviv, described by Lviv’s regional governor as “a humanitarian hub with at least 200,000 displaced people who have already fled the fighting zone.”

“This blow is a confirmation that they are not at war with the Ukrainian army but with the civilians, children, women, displaced people,” Gov. Maksym Kozytsky said.

Friday’s strike was also the latest of Russia’s attacks near NATO territory. Earlier this week, Russia targeted a military base located just 15 miles from Ukraine’s border with Poland.

“Maybe Poland will be next, we will see,” Kozytsky said Friday. “In this world, everyone against Russian aggression can be attacked.”

Russia’s Friday attacks on Lviv and Kyiv came as the U.N. attempted to raise awareness for another growing problem as a result of the invasion: Ukraine’s food supply system. An official with the U.N. World Food Program (WFP) described it as “falling apart.”

“Movements of goods have slowed down due to insecurity and the reluctance of drivers,” Jakob Kern, WFP’s emergency coordinator for the Ukraine crisis, told a Geneva press briefing. “With global food prices at an all-time high, WFP is also concerned about the impact of the Ukraine crisis on food security globally, especially hunger hot spots.”

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