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How are extraterrestrials reaching Earth?

Sep 05, 2023


Recent legislation is pushing the Pentagon to release more information about Unidentified Aerial Phenomena, formerly known as UFOs. In an effort to answer questions about extraterrestrial life on Earth, the Department of Defense recently launched a website that will provide information on resolved UAP cases.

Straight Arrow News contributor Peter Zeihan admits he does not have concrete evidence but suggests three potential answers as to how aliens may be reaching Earth: a system of rings, hyperspace, and warp — which he considers the most feasible option.

An excerpt from Zeihan’s Sept. 5 “Zeihan on Geopolitics” newsletter:

All this talk of little green men has both disturbed and intrigued my inner nerd. While I don’t know if aliens have actually visited us, talking about the possible tech being used is a fun little distraction for all of us.

These three transport technologies should sound familiar to sci-fi lovers, Trekkies, and everyone in between. If they don’t ring any bells, I suggest you go do some extensive “research” and return once you have a baseline appreciation for the finer things in life. Now, back to the aliens.

Three transport technologies could explain how our extraterrestrial friends might be visiting us. Option one (and the least likely of the three) is a system of rings that allows ships to travel from point to point, but since we haven’t detected any infrastructure – this isn’t super plausable. Option two (and Han Solo’s personal favorite) is hyperspace. This tech would be problematic because anyone could jump to hyperspace, and since we haven’t been visited by the Empire or a bunch of space-minivan-driving carpetbaggers – this probably isn’t happening either. Option 3 (as seen on Star Trek) is warp, and it’s the most feasible explanation. This technology would likely come with a degree of government regulation since top-of-the-line systems would be expensive and large.

While talking about aliens is a fun diversion, please take all of this with a grain of salt. I haven’t seen evidence or information about any of this, but it sure makes for a fun discussion.

Hey everyone Peter Zeihan here coming to you from the top of silver hills, I’m gonna give you a quick run on the oil before, when it’s too strong. You’ve got silver hills, rich their last wilderness behind it, who’s rich 10 mile reach near breaking rich. The mosquito range. Down here we’ve got South Park, the old intercalation. That is fair play best burritos in the state. I don’t know why some asshat works, very keeps trying to take it off the menu. And then the Southern Front Range, which Southern fernridge really doesn’t have all that many really tall power points, except for this guy, to course is that mighty Pikes Peak. 


Okay, now, I’m gonna move over here to a shelter so I can talk to you out of the wind, about aliens. I have been a little disturbed by how many people have written in asking me for comment about all this new stuff that’s going on with UFO UFOs are against the new acronym is UAPs.


I’ll tell you what I know, which is nothing.


I’ll tell you what I think I have no indication that there are aliens, I have no indication that they’ve been visiting us, I just know that people were talking about it. So let’s talk about the technologies that would be involved and what that would mean in each scenario about that that I can do. As we’ve seen him the world here. As transport technologies change, it evolves, the way we interact, the way we move the way we deal with one another what the economy the political system looks like. 


So for example, when deepwater navigation was developed by the Iberians, in the 14th 15th and 16th centuries, they had the ability to reach out and interact with the rest of the world, the rest of the world could not really return the favor. And so they were able to build these giant empires. So if you had some kind of analog for that, for space travel, in theory, we could be the ones who were visited as opposed to the ones who are doing the visiting. Now, science fiction is very, very rich with different kinds of technologies that can be used to do different things, I’m just going to talk about three, it’s not that these are the only threes, these are the three that I think it’s easiest to wrap your mind around. 


So first, rings. Basically, you put rings in space, and you put a ship into the ring, and it gets shot to the next ring. And the next one, the next one. Next one, there was an audit on basically think of it like an old style bank service too, but you put chips in it. The up and the downside of this. Well, the upside is I positive that we’re not dealing with this. If there’s aliens visited us now, because you have to have rings that go to the next solar system. So you will need hundreds of them over light years, and we would see them coming. And if there was ever a problem, you could probably blow up the infrastructure. We’re also very glad we don’t have that here. Because it’s not like a road. It’s like a single artery, everyone has to use it. And so whoever built it and controls it and operates it as an immense amount of political and economic power builds a very oligarchic system, we’re glad we don’t have that.


Second one, the one that’s probably most problematic would be hyperspace, the idea that you can put a device on any sort of vessel and it just can just jump and pop out somewhere else and might have to do multiple jumps to get between star systems. This is what they use in Star Wars. Now. You’ve all seen the Millennium Falcon and Han Solo. And if you haven’t, I don’t even know why I’m speaking to you right now.


But his ship was kind of piece of crap, a poorly maintained but at a good hyperdrive. And that was kind of the point anyone can have a hyperdrive. So Star Wars, the political system flips back and forth between periods of centralization, where they try to control everything, and then it all spins apart because it can’t because of the technology. Because anyone can in their family space, Sudan can go to a different star system. 


If this is what is visiting us, we’re going to have problems because it’s either going to be something like the empire where it can be an invasion, it can bring literally millions, if not billions of troops. Or it’s going to be dozens of warlords and hundreds of carpetbaggers, who can just get a small cargo ship and pop over here and exploit us. 


Now I don’t think that’s what we’re dealing with here. Because, well, it would be obvious if it was the Empire be a big ass ship with a lot of troops, and they’re not going to be subtle. Even if it’s a nice empire, they’re not going to be settled. And if it was 10s of 1000s of small traders, there’s no way they’d be operating in any sort of organized hierarchy, they just be coming and going. And everyone would know because they’d like sit down in Chicago central park every once in a while. 


So it’s probably not that the more realistic just for the information that we’re seeing right now is warp, you know, the Star Trek approach, where it’s not all that hard half of warp drive. But if you want one that’s fast as to be on a pretty big ship. And that means government and that means you can have a degree of hierarchical control over policy. And if you’ve got things zipping in and out that we can’t really see the idea that that would be stealth to some degree makes a lot of sense. So of those three technological technological pathways, I’d say warp is the one that we’re dealing with right now if it is indeed happening, and that’s probably the best thing


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