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Video from a high school graduation shows a parent pushing away a superintendent before he can shake hands with his daughter.

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Parent pushes black superintendent away from shaking daughter’s hand during graduation

A Wisconsin high school infamous for a 2018 photo of virtually the entire male student population giving a Nazi salute or other white nationalist hand signs became the scene of another incident during its commencement ceremony. While the graduates of Baraboo High School were being announced, presented with diplomas and congratulated by school administrators, 49-year-old Matt Eddy leaped onto the stage prior to his daughter’s introduction and forcibly pushed Superintendent Rainey Briggs out of his daughter’s path. Eddy and his daughter are white; Briggs was the only non-white administrator in the congratulatory line on stage. Three uniformed police officers had to intervene, and Eddy is facing disorderly conduct charges.

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