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Opinion: 2020 Census shows Americans working and earning more despite left talking points

Nov 02, 2021


Democrats love to talk about how America’s middle class has disappeared. However, the latest census paints a very different picture. The results of the 24th census in U.S. history, which will be used for everything from where new schools and roads will be built to congressional redistricting, indicate that Americans are working and earning more than ever before.

How much more? Data shows the number of U.S. households that earned more than $100,000 annually has tripled in the past half century. The census research also underscored how important education and family are in determining earning power. These results make you wonder why the left is so determined to turn our country into a socialist nation of government handouts.

I am Star Parker here to declare some good news. The census bureau has just issued its latest annual report, income and poverty in the United States, 2020. And it shines a very bright light on the lies of the left, who insists that America is systemically not working and thus needs to be transformed into a giant socialist welfare state. 

Well, contrary to what we hear from these Democrats and their left leaning unionized media buddies, Americans of all ethnic backgrounds are continuing to move up and earn more. In 2020, 33..6% of American households had incomes of a hundred thousand dollars or more. 40.3% had incomes between 35,000 and a hundred thousand, and 26.2% had incomes of less than $35,000. Well compare, in 1967, only 10.9% of American households had earnings of a hundred thousand dollars or more in constant inflation adjusted dollars. This means from 1967 to 2020, the percentage of American households earning a hundred thousand dollars or more has tripled.

This new census report reveals that shrinking middle class we keep hearing has shrunk is not because incomes went down, but because more households have more into, they moved into the upper middle class. They’ve moved up.

Taking a deep look into this new census data, We can see factors of glaring differences between high-income households and low-income households. Factors so individual in nature that any individual can change their income and circumstances. Individuals in high-income households are far more likely on average than individuals in low income households to be well-educated married, working full-time and in their prime working years. 

In contrast, individuals in lower income households are far more likely than individuals in higher income households to be less educated, working only part-time. They’re either under 35 or over 65, and they’re living in a single parent or single member household, Generally speaking.

This 2020 census data reveals a much different picture than what the politically correct woke culture keeps delivering to us. 

The good news we can all take from this data is the major factors that correlate with earning power: Education work family, start with personal decisions and personal responsibility. Some of you might know of the incident I reported in the summer of 2020 that when my organization CURE posted billboards in various income, low income communities, what we were trying to do during the so-called peaceful summer…these protestors and that were insisting that America wasn’t working, what we said, “do you really want to get out of poverty” on our billboards?

It said, finish school, go to work, get married. Well, black lives matters, protested, protested, and protested, and forced the billboard company to remove our message. What the left will never admit and works very hard to cancel any and all discussion on, is that the work to relieve poverty and improve upward mobility is in public policy that removes obstacles from individuals to take personal responsibility of their lives, remove the barriers that keep them from moving up the echelon. Income and poverty in the United States 2020 census report shows us that America is still working. And our nation can work even better, if we strengthen not weaken the great principles of a free nation under God, which defines our founding.

 I’m Star Parker. And I’ll see you next week here on straight arrow news.

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