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No Labels has ramped up efforts for the 2024 elections, signaling its intention to present a third-party candidate to run for president.

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Centrist group No Labels ramps up efforts for a third-party ticket in 2024

Fundraising figures for 2024 have been revealed, showing Donald Trump, Ron DeSantis and President Biden in their own tier as others struggle.

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Financial disclosures reveal fundraising landscape for presidential hopefuls

Tucker Carlson is reportedly launching a Twitter-based media company while Twitter delights users with its new revenue sharing program.

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Tucker Carlson reportedly launching media company as Twitter rewards users with cash

In a new study, a team from Northwestern University says "underground climate change" is causing buildings in Chicago to sink every year.

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Study says a ‘silent hazard’ of heat is sinking one of America’s largest cities

Disney World is seeing thinner crowds amid park operation changes and an ongoing legal battle with Florida's Republican governor.

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Disney’s theme parks reportedly see smaller crowds this summer

GOP Sen. Tuberville is drawing criticism on Capitol Hill after he said calling white nationalists racist is a matter of "opinion."

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GOP senator says calling white nationalists racist is a matter of ‘opinion’

U.S. officials are conducting an investigation into a company after it bought 52,000 acres of land near a major military base in California.

U.S. Air Force Photograph/Heide Couch

Officials investigate company that bought 52,000 acres of land near a military base

Recent reports have revealed that cocaine was discovered near the West Executive Entrance of the White House, close to the Situation Room.

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Cocaine found near Situation Room in White House prompts investigation

The renewal of a controversial federal surveillance tool faces hurdles in Congress as top Republicans clash with the FBI.

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US surveillance tool faces hurdles in Congress as renewal date approaches

Florida's agricultural and construction industries are reportedly facing labor shortages following a recently enacted strict immigration law.

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Labor shortages reported in Florida as strict immigration law takes effect

Former President Donald Trump allegedly pressured Gov. Doug Ducey to overturn the results of the 2020 presidential election in Arizona.

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Trump allegedly tried to overturn 2020 election results in Arizona

New York City Mayor Eric Adams likened a housing activist who questioned his policies to a slave owner during a recent town hall event.

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NYC Mayor Adams likens complaining constituent to plantation owner

Increased solar activity is fueling rumors of a global internet blackout, as Solar Cycle 25 ramps up "much faster" than expected.

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‘Internet apocalypse’: Increased solar activity fuels internet blackout rumors

New photos are providing more evidence that Chinese spy balloons have been flying over parts of Asia like Taiwan and Japan for several years.

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New images show Chinese spy balloons flying over Asia years ago: report

American influencers are accused of selling out by promoting a Chinese fashion brand amid forced labor allegations and human rights scrutiny.

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Influencers face backlash for visiting and praising Shein factory in China during a PR trip

Key mistakes have come to light after officials say all five passengers onboard a titanic sub died following a "catastrophic implosion."


‘Catastrophic implosion’: Red flags come to light following Titanic sub’s demise

Elon Musk and Mark Zuckerberg have seemingly agreed to a 'cage match' offline, as their rivalry escalates in the tech world.

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Elon Musk and Mark Zuckerberg agree to face off in a cage fight

The exchange began when scientist Peter Hotez shared an article accusing Rogan of spreading vaccine misinformation on his podcast

Agapito Sanchez, Baylor College of Medicine

Vaccine scientist says he was stalked following Joe Rogan debate challenge

Modelo Especial has overtaken Bud Light as the leading beer brand in the United States following weeks of boycotts, trends show.

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Bud Light dethroned as America’s top-selling beer amid larger boycott trend

A group of young activists in Montana took the fight for a clean and healthy environment to state court in a first-of-a-kind climate trial.

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Landmark youth-led climate trial begins in Montana

Presidential hopeful Ron DeSantis promised to restore the original name of Fort Bragg in North Carolina, a base renamed Fort Liberty in June.

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DeSantis vows to ‘restore’ the name of Fort Bragg in North Carolina

Major tech platforms, including YouTube and Meta, are revising their misinformation policies ahead of the 2024 elections.

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Big Tech rolls back misinformation rules ahead of 2024 elections

As California investigates the unannounced arrival of migrants in Sacramento, Florida officials say the migrants went willingly.

Executive Office of the Governor of Florida

Florida officials say migrants went willingly in California-bound flight

A school district in Utah that recently opted to ban the Bible will consider a new challenge seeking to ban the Book of Mormon.

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After Bible ban, Utah school district weighs ban on Book of Mormon