Five for Friday

Five For Friday

The U.S. Congress has a week to pass a funding bill or risk a government shutdown. How much would that cost?

Congress risks another government shutdown. The cost of 5 prior shutdowns.

Congress has until the end of September to fund the government. With about a week to spare, here are the options: Meet the deadline, pass a stopgap bill, or shut down. But when budget showdowns reach shutdowns, there is a significant taxpayer cost. Here are five times politicians shut down the government in this week’s [...]
UAW's strike against Detroit's Big Three could cost the economy $5.6 billion in 10 days. Here are 5 other costly strikes in history.

UAW strike could cost billions. See the price of these 5 strikes in history.

United Auto Workers are striking against Detroit’s Big Three automakers at the same time for the first time. The impact could be financially devastating. Economists estimate 10 days on the picket lines against General Motors, Ford and Fiat Chrysler-parent Stellantis could cost the U.S. economy $5.6 billion and push Michigan into a recession. Strikes can [...]
Environmental, social and corporate governance is a political hot potato and it's losing steam. Here are 5 blows to ESG in Five For Friday.

S&P drops ratings after Musk complains. Here are 5 recent blows to ESG.

ESG, the practice of rating companies based on environmental, social and corporate governance, has become a hot-button issue in recent years. With political pressure building, the movement is losing steam. Here are five of the latest blows to ESG in this week’s Five For Friday. 5: Don’t say ESG The term ESG alone is enough [...]
Customers are suing Taco Bell for selling less-than-beefy menu items compared with its ads. These 5 companies also faced false advertising claims.

Taco Bell sued for beefy false advertising, 5 companies settled suits

Taco Bell is facing a class action lawsuit claiming the fast food giant deceived customers about how much filling was in five menu items, including the Crunchwrap Supreme and Mexican Pizza. Attorneys bringing the lawsuit hope to get at least $5 million from the company for customers that bought the items at locations in New [...]
Twitter trashed its bird logo in favor of "X" as Elon Musk tries to make an everything app like WeChat. Here are 5 things to know about the Chinese version.

5 things to know about WeChat, the super app Musk wants X to emulate

Twitter has ditched the bird logo and is now X. Elon Musk is hoping to turn the platform into a super app like WeChat, which is owned by one of China’s biggest companies, Tencent. But what exactly does that look like? Here are five things to know about the Chinese everything app Twitter is trying [...]
Amid Treasury Secretary Janet Yellen's trip to China, here's how U.S.-China tensions are affecting business in this week's Five For Friday.

Janet Yellen in China as countries clash over trade, chips and espionage

Treasury Secretary Janet Yellen is on her first visit to China since taking the post in 2021. The trip comes as the world’s two largest economies remain at odds. Here are five ways tensions between the United States and China are affecting business in this week’s Five For Friday.  #5: Executive visits Talks of decoupling [...]
AI has been all the rage since ChatGPT went mainstream. Here are 5 companies that are using the technology in this week's Five For Friday.

How 5 companies are already using AI, from Mercedes to Wendy’s

Generative artificial intelligence has exploded since ChatGPT hit the mainstream late last year. Five For Friday has covered the jobs AI could replace and even the ways it could be sued. But technology advancement has already graduated past theoretical applications. Here are the real-world businesses already using generative AI in this week’s Five For Friday.  [...]
With the end of the work-from-home era, here are some of the coolest offices on the planet in this week’s Five For Friday.

From nuclear bunkers to pirate ships: 5 coolest offices on the planet

The era of work-from-home is winding down for many. New York City offices just hit 50% occupancy for the first time since the COVID-19 pandemic. Dreading those stale cubicle walls? Here are some of the coolest offices on the planet in this week’s Five For Friday. 5: Bahnhof Swedish internet service provider Bahnhof repurposed a [...]
Apple has entered the AR/VR chat with its $3,499 Apple Vision Pro headset. Here are Apple’s biggest innovations in history in Five For Friday.

Apple Vision Pro is here. Here are Apple’s top 5 life-changing innovations.

Apple’s Worldwide Developers Conference kicked off Monday, June 5, where the company makes a big production of its new products. Will this year’s launches change technology forever? Here are Apple’s biggest innovations throughout its history in this week’s Five For Friday. #5: Vision Pro The Apple Vision Pro will be one of the priciest headsets [...]
Adidas is selling Yeezy sneakers again after a public breakup with Kanye West. Here are the brands that made a comeback in Five For Friday.

Adidas Yeezy sneakers are back. These 5 brands also made comebacks.

German footwear giant Adidas started selling off its excess inventory of Yeezy-branded sneakers after a very public breakup with rapper Kanye West. While Ye will still collect royalties for his role in designing the shoes, Adidas said it is donating a “significant amount” to groups working to combat hate and discrimination. It’s better than destroying [...]