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2023 Wrapped: Wikipedia Edition. People viewed Wikipedia pages 84 billion times. If Taylor Swift doesn't top the list, what does?


Taylor Swift doesn’t top this list: The most-searched Wikipedia pages of 2023.

Video games and luxury goods bring in huge revenues each year. Here's what happens when they combine their powers in gaming-luxury collaborations.

Power-ups & prestige: 5 epic video game x luxury brand collabs

Each year, U.S. Marshals seize millions in luxury goods from criminals and auction it off to the highest bidder. Here are the most interesting scores.

Luxury loot: The 5 most intriguing items seized and sold by US Marshals

Walmart and other stores are reworking their use of self-checkout. Here are 5 reasons self-checkout should be shown the door.

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5 reasons stores should give self-checkout the pink slip

Inflation is off its 40-year highs but Americans still feel the pain. Here's how much prices have really gone up since 2020 in this week's Five For Friday.

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Inflation cooling? 5 ways you’re still being pummeled by higher prices

The U.S. is adding jobs in traditional business sectors, but what does the future hold? Here are the five most in-demand jobs for the next decade.

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Career crystal ball: The 5 most in-demand jobs of the future

Halloween is big business, raking in a record $12.2 billion this year. From pet costumes to candy, here are the frightful spending totals.

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Here’s how much Americans will spend on Halloween costumes, candy and more

Looking for a place to live is rough. Here are the top reasons 2023 has been the worst year for housing in this week's Five For Friday.

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5 reasons why it’s the worst year for housing in decades

Sam Bankman-Fried's fraud trial is expected to last six weeks. Here are five key details about him and his role in FTX's failure.


The 5 explosive revelations from Sam Bankman-Fried’s FTX fraud trial

Taylor Swift and Beyoncé's tours will hit theaters this fall. To top box-office charts, they need to out earn these five concert films.

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Taylor Swift and Beyoncé concert films need to make this much to top the chart

Netflix is finally halting DVD-by-mail after 25 years and 5 billion discs. Here are the 5 films customers rented the most in Netflix history.

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The Netflix DVD era is over after 25 years. Here are the 5 most-rented discs

The U.S. Congress has a week to pass a funding bill or risk a government shutdown. How much would that cost?

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Congress risks another government shutdown. The cost of 5 prior shutdowns.

UAW's strike against Detroit's Big Three could cost the economy $5.6 billion in 10 days. Here are 5 other costly strikes in history.

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UAW strike could cost billions. See the price of these 5 strikes in history.

Environmental, social and corporate governance is a political hot potato and it's losing steam. Here are 5 blows to ESG in Five For Friday.

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S&P drops ratings after Musk complains. Here are 5 recent blows to ESG.

Customers are suing Taco Bell for selling less-than-beefy menu items compared with its ads. These 5 companies also faced false advertising claims.

Taco Bell sued for beefy false advertising, 5 companies settled suits

Twitter trashed its bird logo in favor of "X" as Elon Musk tries to make an everything app like WeChat. Here are 5 things to know about the Chinese version.

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5 things to know about WeChat, the super app Musk wants X to emulate

Amid Treasury Secretary Janet Yellen's trip to China, here's how U.S.-China tensions are affecting business in this week's Five For Friday.

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Janet Yellen in China as countries clash over trade, chips and espionage

AI has been all the rage since ChatGPT went mainstream. Here are 5 companies that are using the technology in this week's Five For Friday.


How 5 companies are already using AI, from Mercedes to Wendy’s

With the end of the work-from-home era, here are some of the coolest offices on the planet in this week’s Five For Friday.


From nuclear bunkers to pirate ships: 5 coolest offices on the planet

Apple has entered the AR/VR chat with its $3,499 Apple Vision Pro headset. Here are Apple’s biggest innovations in history in Five For Friday.


Apple Vision Pro is here. Here are Apple’s top 5 life-changing innovations.

Adidas is selling Yeezy sneakers again after a public breakup with Kanye West. Here are the brands that made a comeback in Five For Friday.

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Adidas Yeezy sneakers are back. These 5 brands also made comebacks.

An AI-generated image of an explosion near the Pentagon moved the stock market. It's not the first time fake news caused real financial hits.

5 fake news reports that caused real dips in the stock market

Microsoft's Activision Blizzard deal is facing regulatory hurdles, but a merger still wouldn't top this list of biggest gaming companies in Five For Friday.

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Even with Activision Blizzard, Microsoft wouldn’t top this list of 5 gaming giants

Is the real world as crazy as HBO's "Succession?" Here are the real-life succession stories at America's top companies in Five For Friday.


Just like TV? 5 real-life ‘Succession’ tales from America’s biggest companies