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My new book “The end of the world is just the beginning” is out

Jun 14, 2022


Peter Zeihan

Geopolitical Strategist


Peter Zeihan is excited to announce the release of his new book, “The End of the World is Just the Beginning.” Covering many of the topics examined in his Straight Arrow News commentaries, the book examines today’s global challenges in the context of geopolitics, history and economics. The book was written in pieces over the last six years and echoing his own words, it’s his “biggest book ever.”

Today’s the day! It’s book release day. Those of you who have pre-ordered your copy of “The End of the World Is Just the Beginning,” you should start receiving them today! Ditto for the digital and eBook versions as well–the latter narrated by yours truly. 

If you’re familiar with my previous books there will be parts of the book that will be familiar: discussions of geography, history, economics. In short, geopolitics. For old friends and those who are new to ZoG, this book is a culmination of my entire career up to this point and looks toward what I believe will be the biggest fundamental shift in the global order since Bretton Woods. As with previous books, all maps, charts and graphics in “The End of the World” will be available online in a larger format on my website–click here.

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Finally, a reminder:

Russia’s strategic shift from thunder runs to a civilian obliteration has already forced ten million Ukrainians from their homes, with nearly four million now living in limbo in foreign lands. All proceeds from all formats of all of our previous books are being donated to the Afya Foundation, a charity which provides medical assistance to refugees from the Ukraine War.

The buttons below will direct you to our purchase pages where you can both find out a bit more about each book, as well as select purchase options ranging from e-services to your local bookstore.

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Disunited Nations

Hey everyone, it is June 14, you know what that means a new books out, yep should have shipped last night if you preorder it, it should be arriving in your boxes today. Also, the audio and the digital versions are available as well, this project has been a long time coming, excuse me.
The original plan was for this to be the third book, but the publisher recommended that we do just United Nations third. So in many ways, the writing for this book has been taking place in bits and pieces over the last six years, it is the sum total of really most of my professional experience and taking geography and geopolitics and demography and economic trends and blending them into a story. And the story we’re telling is from the point of view of the economic sectors, so there’s a different chunk in the book for everything that people care about. And I just wanted to take this opportunity to give everyone just a fast run through. We have our introductory chapters that talk about geography as a study and demography as a study and how that shapes everything. But then we dive right into transport, getting to everything from containerization, to rail, to pirates, or lots of pirates. From there, we move into finance talks about the nature of money and how it’s going to evolve in a world where the baby boomers are no longer providing capital. And whether you are $1, Bull $1 Bear or you love fiat currency or you hate it, you’re gonna find something in there to give you a nightmare too. I promise this is something for everyone in that chapter. From there, we move on to energy, which was originally my bread and butter. So it’s a good deep look at everything from Siberian crew to American shale to what can and cannot be done with the Green Revolution. Next up is industrial materials, everything from steel to iron ore to alumina and aluminum and bauxite. to model it
to something begins with an M, two zinc, each one of them has their own supply chain, and each one of them is going to be challenged in different ways in this world to come particularly as the Chinese rise, and then simply fall out of the system altogether. We close out with a pair of sectors that are going to probably make most of the rounds in the United States. First up there is manufacturing. The American manufacturing model is one of those that is relatively insulated from some of the shocks that are coming, but it still faces a small horde of challenges. Everything from a lack of manpower, to problems with the supply lines that are bringing the components, we’re gonna see a huge amount of overhaul in that system over the next several years. And finally, we end with agriculture, which is the fattest of the topics because it is the most consequential moving forward, your economy evolves in one way, if you can’t move things around, you can’t get fuel. But if you can’t get food, really none of the rest of it matters. So in all of these chapters, we’re going to go through a lot of the sub sectors and present them from a geopolitical point of view, which means you’re going to find out how we got to where we are how we can transform that this height of globalization, and then reforms on the backside of the D globalization wave. There’s a lot in the book, this is definitely my biggest one ever. But I want to underline right now that whether you’re getting the digital copy and so you’re looking at it in black and white or getting the auto copy and you’ve nothing to look at at all, all of the graphics for this in all of my other books are at the website, just go up to the Books tab, pick the one you want and go to the Map Room and every single graphic will be there in full, glorious color. Okay, I will be talking to you guys soon from Vegas because that’s apparently where people go if they want to celebrate writing a book. Also, I’m there for work, so there’s that too. Anyway, everyone, have a great day. Happy reading. See you soon.

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